Sunday Service Information

We invite you to join us for worship on Sunday morning. We will still maintain an online presence so all can participate. Our goal is for the sermon audio to be available Sunday afternoon and the service video to be available sometime Monday on our website and YouTube Channel.

Even though a number of our members have received the Covid-19 vaccination, there are a list of guidelines (see below) that we have enacted remembering that one of the expectations the Lord has for His church is that they consider the needs of others before themselves.  Even if we have different perspectives on the virus, what’s been done, was it necessary etc., none of that matters when it comes to considering one another when we gather.

1.  Families will need to sit together. Parents, please make sure your children understand this ahead of time.

2.  We will have the offering plates in the foyer instead of passing them down the rows.

3.  Mask will not be required, but are certainly welcome.

4.  We will not be offering nursery at this time.

5.  Please do not linger in the aisles or foyer.

If you feel even remotely ill please stay home.  (Often we push through when we are sick, this is not the time for that. If you are in an at risk group or have underlying health conditions please exercise wisdom and discretion.  We do not want to endanger anybody!